Therapeutic Writing

Like empowerment coaching, writing for therapy can encompass numerous tools, techniques and exercises.  Different than writing for publication, writing for therapy helps utilize writing essentials and exercises that reaches a deeper and broader understanding of oneself, leading to richer and more fulfilling life.

Each month, Inner Element will post a writing prompt or writing tool to partner with you and your journal on a road to self discovery.

You can also join our monthly writing group, Write2Heal, that incorporates traditional writing methods, prompts and life coaching techniques, assisting you to reach your higher potential.


This Month's Writing Prompt:

Write a dream.

Write a current event.

Write a goal.

Now tell me how these things are alike.

Tell me how they are different.

How are you attached to all three things?



  To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. ~  Ecclesiastes 3:1