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Book Review: The Art of Self Discovery

~Jana Kemp, business owner, author, Idaho Legislator.

Based on Rebecca Evans’ decades of work with individuals and groups striving to become their best-possible selves, the book “The Art of Self Discovery” provides a personal tour map of reconnecting with one’s truest and most passionate self. 

The workbook format provides prompters for reflection, dreaming, and affirming important goals. The quote boxes throughout the book are both subtle nudges to the reader and powerful reminders of what others have said about living life fully. Various learning styles are also tapped in the variety of exercises suggested throughout the self-discovery tour. For instance, art projects, personal sound-track creations, and guided journaling are included in the book.

Being a thinker/reader style learner, my favorite parts of the book are the guided reflection and journaling activities such as the book’s opening prompt: DANCE. This acronym stands for Design your life; Attitude is everything; Navigate your Power; Create and map your life; and Empower yourself for transformation. Interestingly, the book’s chapters and activities follow these five headings and lead readers to articulate their best selves.

If you are ready for personal change that is more than just reading a book about what others have done, The Art of Self Discovery is for you!


~Molly Barker, M.S.W., Founder and Vision Keeper, Girls on the Run International

"Pure genius.  The "inside-out" workbook provides it's readers the opportunity to actively engage in the design of their own lives by uncovering the true desires of their most authentic selves.  The potential power and impact this book will have on the lives of those who have the courage to read it, will be nothing short of miraculous.  Way to go Rebecca!  You have done it!"



~Carolyn Holly, KTVB TV Anchorwoman

"Rebecca's work brings a sense of clarity and life back to the forefront, allowing us to look our lost dreams straight in the face...and then embrace them once again."

~Patsy Rabdau, Personal Trainer

"Inner Element does what other "wellness" programs have not. Rebecca has helped me, through Life Coaching, on a personal level as well as a professional level. As a personal trainer I have referred clients to Inner Element, and will continue to do so. Everyone has the "tools" available to them to reach their goals - personal, professional, health, whatever it might be. Sometimes we just misplace our "tools". Rebecca, and Inner Element programs, helped me find my "tool box" again!!!"


~Jana Kemp, business owner, author, Idaho Legislator.

"Thank you for the six-month Inner Element coaching process through which we worked this year. Your consistently insightful coaching, recommended activities and journaling, and fitness counsel have improved my life.

The knowledge and passion with which you approach your work is clear. Your life experience, business practice, fitness coaching, modeled personal fitness, and your life and community involvements combine to make you an excellent coach.

As you know, I have already recommended your services to others and will confidently continue recommending you.

Thanks again for the life-changing knowledge and approaches to a balanced life that I now own as mine."  


~Mary Pat Gabriel, Image Consultant

"I found Rebecca Evans course on Inner Element to be very powerful and a life changing.  She is an excellent teacher and motivator and truly “cares” about people.   I found her personal training to be truly outstanding.  Her motivational skills are simply outstanding.

Through her program I modified my fitness and exercise regimes and used techniques she pioneered to unlock the keys that were holding me back from achieving maximum results. 

I feel healthier on the inside which is reflected on the outside.  I highly recommend Rebecca’s Courses to anyone who wants to feel and look better.  She is awesome!”


~Sally Powers, satisfied client from Texas

"I have worked out with a variety of different trainers in my life, but Rebecca has given me the most consistent progress, while encouraging me to continue to make the mental changes needed to see long-term gains. In the past, I had not been able to sustain the work long enough without getting discouraged, due to physical limitations. Rebecca is the only one who dealt with me patiently, at my level,without pushing me beyond my capabilities, but who pushed me enough to make the emotional and physical efforts needed to feel and perform better for my everyday life skills. Amazingly, she helped me enjoy working out; fancy that!"

~Misty Sterk, MA, MS-ANS

"Rebecca focuses on the whole person, not just one aspect of your life.  She has insight, clarity and discernment that helps you personally. She works with you on your mental, physical and spiritual health. She offers tools that are practical and effective, yet individually attainable for you. Most importantly, Rebecca cares. She listens. She taught me to listen to my body. She has also brought me closer to God. I always want to be around her because she makes me feel so good (except when she is making me do lunges). I believe Rebecca Evans has a gift for helping others become their very best. I feel as if I am a better person, physically, mentally and spiritually for having her in my life."


~Rollene Billings, Massage Therapist and Healer

"I have attended Rebecca's Fitness by Faith groups as well as received personal coaching from her.  She has the ability to bring you out of your drama and into reality and then gives you definite steps to take to continue on your life path.  She possesses clarity and focus which allows the client to recognize their personal value while continuing to work on the "next step" needed to accomplish their goal.  Rebecca also has enthusiasm, determination and uses fitness, nutrition, mental, emotional and spiritual components to the sessions.  She recognizes we are complex beings and uses a variety of methodology to get us to remember who we are, where we came from and where we are going!  Her energy is contagious as she encourages us to uncover our gifts from the inside out.  Her Spirit based work is wonderful!  Her life is her ministry and best testimony.

I am fortunate enough to be training with her to be an empowerment coach.  What an opportunity to learn from someone who is definitely walking-their-talk."


~Geri Ferguison, Business Owner, Trainer and Coach

"I was inspired by Rebecca the first time I listened to her speak at The Woman in Business dinner. Rebecca's honesty and wisdom rang true to my ears and I wanted to work with her. I hired her as my empowerment coach and we have been working together for 7 months. Rebecca has empowered me to make my dreams a reality by helping me stay focused and holding me accountable to my own choices and goals, She has an ability to read between the lines and has helped me overcome some limiting beliefs which were really just excuses. Rebecca has empowered me to stay accountable to myself, my values and my goals. Rebecca knows what she is doing. Her wisdom, experience, personality and commitment have blessed me and can bless you as well."