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Inner Fitness for Celebrating Your Life:  This journal is a book of celebration, intended to inspire and encourage you to embrace the life you are given.  Each month the journal offers insightful ideas to explore, inviting you to look at life with new eyes and live a life full of self-love and celebration.  A must read for everyone in need of encouragement.


Inner Fitness for Empowerment:  This journal is a treasure chest on paper.  Each month the journal offers clients enriching perspectives on which to reflect.  This exercise invites them to explore a new life, one that is lived more fully, deeply, and passionately.  They will walk farther along their own paths of self-awareness and personal growth, achieving more than they ever thought possible—a must read for every progressive soul. 


Inner Fitness for Girls: This journal is a little book of wisdom written by two especially perceptive ten-year-old girls.  Each month the journal offers inspirational ideas to explore, inviting girls to commit to self-love and a positive attitude.  A must read for every girl and grown woman.

Inner Fitness for Sisters:  This journaling book will inspire you to embrace the women who have helped you along your journey—your sisters.  In honoring these women, you will discover the magic and electricity that occurs when women come together in mutual generosity.  Each month the journal offers insights and ideas, inviting you to look at your relationships with new eyes.  As you commit to a life of appreciation and acknowledgement, your own life will become enriched.  A must read for everyone who has ever been supported.


The Art of Self Discovery,  Empowerment Workbook:  As you have grown up, have you lost the powerful dreams of your youth?   Have you forgotten who you are and what impact you want to make in your lifetime?  The Art of Self Discovery is a journey of uncovering that which lies within your heart and soul. It is a safe place to slow down and peel away the distractions to discovering the authentic you layer by layer.  This life altering breakthrough workbook allows you to regain your enthusiasm for life and set a blueprint to pursue your life passion from this day forward.

Are You Starving Yourself Out of Success?  Empowerment Workbook

Have you put your heart and soul, all of your energy, into goals, yet you still struggle to attain your vision? 

If you are not living your success story today, you may be starving yourself out of success.

Are You Starving Yourself Out of Success, Empowerment Workbook, helps you locate the energy drains in your life and refuel your system.


The Art of Self Discovery, Empowerment Workbook

Now that you’ve grown up, you may have discovered you have lost some of yourself along the way. 

Through compromising (yes, you go to the steakhouse AGAIN dear, even though you’re a vegetarian), negotiating and keeping the peace.

You must go back in time, to the day you dreamed of what your life would look like. The Art of Self Discovery will take you there.



The Art of Positive Parenting, Empowerment Workbook

The most powerful weapon parents hold in their arsenal is positivism. 

Positive words, deeds, principals and attitudes can turn a child’s perception and self-confidence from the lowest trenches to the highest alp.  Learning to maintain a positive perspective is both an art form and a major undertaking for many parents. 

The Art of Positive Parenting gives parents tools to keep perspective and a positive attitude in parenting circumstances.



Coaching:  If you cannot find what you’re looking for in an existing group, don’t wait…start your journey with one of our coaches.  Hire an Inner Element Coach today and begin moving forward in your life, stepping closer to your dreams.  Our coaching package includes unlimited email correspondance, workshop discounts, weekly sessions and tools that allow you to maintain the change you've made.  A minimum three-month commitment is recommended.  Cost: $300 per month.

Coaching & Workbook:  Couple the benefits of one-on-one coaching with one of our workbooks for specific coursework in parenting, dieting and self-discovery.  All of our course work offers worksheets and tools to help you make lasting changes in your personal and professional life.  (add price here)

E-Line Courses

Workshops:  Through coaching, motivational speaking, educational material and workshops, Inner Element creates individualized programs for individuals and groups. Our programs are offered as hands-on and e-Line courses, ensuring to reach all regardless of geography and schedule. We have on-going monthly programs and workshops that incorporate fitness, lifestyle, time-management and empowerment skills for women and girls.   Prices vary per workshop and course, contact us to reserve your space.

Fitness Consulting:  Inner Element approaches fitness as a total life concept. You don’t need a gym pass to take care of your body, lose weight, increase your energy or be healthy. You do need a plan. Inner Element designs a life-fitness plan that works for you. The programs are individualized for your schedule and lifestyle with activities that you are either already doing or that you absolutely LOVE. This approach makes your fitness goals attainable. It’s not just a life-fitness plan, it’s a lifetime plan for fitness. Our Fitness Consulting is individually priced based on the services needed.  Contact us today to set up your initial intake session and t get started today.

Fitness Classes:  Our classes are offered throughout the community, as one-one-one formats and through organizations to enhance corporate fitness programs.  Contact us to register for one of our on-going classes or to set a class up for you or your organization today. 

Image Consulting:  Image Consulting will help you match what you think and feel with how your present this in your body language and appearance. The goal in Image Consulting is training clients to live in true integrity, that means matching who you are within with who you are to the world.  When you match the inner you with the outer you, you are living in alignment and will experience more peace and less chaos. A minimum three-month commitment is recommended.  Cost: $300 per month.


Interior Design:  Inner Element combines coaching techniques to the art of design, working with clients to achieve home or workspace appearance that honors lifestyle, worktyle, taste and beauty.  Our coaches help you create an environment you not only love, but one you can't wait to arrive and share.  Our prices for Interior Design are bid on an individual and case-by-case basis.  We design new consruction, re-models, re-purpose and re-organization for both personal and professional clients.