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Beyond just keeping a diary.  The art of creative expression is really daydreaming on paper.  Write wishes, thoughts, dreams, doodles, and designs - a safe and personal place to unload and discover you.

A journal is a way to communicate to yourself.  We are often so busy with our external lives that we tend to ignore our inner voice.  Life is a journey, and as we venture into the physical world, we also travel within.  The journal is a place to peek beneath our skin and record what lies beneath the surface of our lives.

A journal can also help heal emotional bruising, a place to finally accept ourselves.  Use this as your space to grow, transform and evolve with both your inner and outer experiences in life.

Inner Element offers timeless journals, encouraging you to seek truth on the page and between the lines.  Our Inner Fitness Journals are designed to be your roadmap in freestyle writing.


It’s Time to Uncover Your Own Hidden Treasures

Our journals are a treasure chest on paper.

Each month we'll offer a page from one of our journals to enrich your perspective and reflect on life.

These exercises invite you to explore a new life, one that is lived more fully, deeply, and passionately.

You can walk farther along your own path of self-awareness and personal growth, achieving more than you ever thought possible.

These online journal activities offer you an opportunity to go deeper. 

Use the following exercise as a writing prompt, a journal entry, or simply as you see fit for your personal or professional needs.


For the month of October

Positive Self-Talk

October is the month when leaves change color and autumn begins.  We sometimes notice that we start to change during this month too, when school begins.  When we stand in front of the mirror before school, we sometimes fall into the bad habit of negative thinking.  It’s easy to list in our minds all of the things we don’t like about ourselves.

            We have too many freckles.

            Our skin is too pale.

            Our thighs are getting wider by the moment.

            It’s hard to avoid this kind of thinking, but you can do it.  As soon as one of these little monsters shows up in your head, stop the thought in its tracks.  Don’t even go there, girl!  We are perfectly designed when we’re at a good weight for our body.  And even if you feel underweight or overweight, remember it’s not permanent.  All you have to do is start eating right and exercising today.  And about those freckles, they are really cute.  In twenty years from now you’ll wish you had them back. 


When you find your thoughts are putting you down, turn them around.  Say the opposite thought out loud.

            I don’t have enough freckles.

            My skin needs to be more pale.

            My thighs are not nearly wide enough.



Then laugh.  You’ll realize that a lot of our negative attitudes about our bodies are warped by a negative perspective.  Learn to know the difference between when you’re being negative and when you really need to make a change and be more healthy.  Since girls really know how to be negative about their bodies, chances are you are just fine.

            Take this month to write down your negative statements.  Next to each negative thought, write the positive (the opposite) thought.  After each section, make a note that you are just right.  You are perfect by design.

We encourage you to believe it:  You are perfect. 

(excerpt from Inner Fitness for Girls, co-authored with MaKenzie Peake and Alabama Heatherley)