Why a Coach?

Coaches are not only for athletes.  A coach provides ongoing support so you become your best.  A coach gives you an edge, enabling you to go from greatness to becoming a champion -- in life. 

At Inner Element, our coaches provide the same edge whether for your business or your personal life.  Our company works with clients who are interested in living their life to the fullest, closing the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. Our participants include business owners, CEOs, athletes, homemakers, artists, and creative geniuses (to name a few).

Fitness Consulting: Inner Element approaches fitness as a total life concept.  A gym pass isn't always necessary to take great care of your body, lose weight, increase your energy or live a healthier life.  You do need a plan.  Inner Element designs a life-fitness plan that works for you.  The programs are individualized for your schedule, desires and life-style with activities that you are either already doing or that you absolutely LOVE.  This approach makes your fitness goals attainable.  This approach is not just a life-fitness plan, it’s a lifetime plan for fitness.

Business Coaching: Business coaching can help you improve leadership skills, team building skills, presentation and communication effectiveness.  Many businesses that are just beginning or learning to re-purpose or re-invent themselves in the current economic climate need a coach to help them navigate their way.  Business coaching can help you stay motivated, maximize business opportunities, gain clarity and identify solutions for everyday problems.

Life Coaching:  Life coaching helps you reach your dreams while bringing back balance and purpose to your life. A coach helps you discover what is most important to you and then guides you, all the while designing a plan to help you achieve success.  A coach works with you to remove obstacles, partnering with you on your road to success.

About Our Coaches:

Inner Element Coaches are highly trained, successful professionals from all walks of life.  They are passionate about making an impact. An Inner Element coach has training that includes presentation, marketing, image, fitness and organizational skills to help benefit individuals, organizations and our community.

Rebecca Evans

Rebecca Evans is a motivational speaker, author and empowerment coach. She founded Inner Element as a way to combine her experiences as a woman in the military, mom and world class athlete into an organization that provides effective life breakthrough strategies. Her core philosophy, “fitness from the inside out”, resounds for men and women of all ages.

As a frequent columnist, radio show host and frequent television guest, she shares her empowerment techniques with thousands of individuals weekly. Her accomplishments as a business woman have landed her as Idaho Business Review’s “Idaho Women of the Year” honors, the National Association of Women Business Owners Business Women of the Year honors, and Boise State University's “Women Making History in Idaho”. She is a former Girls on the Run program director, Mrs. Idaho International 2004 and a decorated Gulf War veteran.

She is the author of The Art of Self Discovery, Inner Fitness for Celebrating Your Life, Inner Fitness for Girls, Inner Fitness for Sisters and Inner Fitness for Empowerment and lives in Idaho.


Suzi Boyle

Suzi Boyle joins Inner Element as a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author. She is a highly successful mortgage lender, having been honored by Mortgage Originator Magazine as one of the top 200 mortgage originators in the United States. Suzi is the only lender in Idaho to have received this prestigious award. She has been in the mortgage industry for 30 years, and also holds a real estate license and an accounting license.Suzi's passion is found in helping people and sharing her experience. She supports many non-profit organizations, serving on numerous boards and volunteering much of her time serving her community. She has been the recipient of awards from the National Registry of Business Professionals, Women of the Year, Celebrate Women, American Businesswomen, and recognized by Mortgage Originators as a "Superstar." She was born in Tokyo, Japan and has lived in the Treasure Valley for 53 years.

Brennalyn Robinson

A natural to the language of laughter, Brennalyn has the unique ability to find fun and humor in even the most painful of situations. Her life experiences include training horses and people in the art of natural horsemanship, adjusting catastrophe claims on the roof tops in Georgia, and participating on the management team for international events hosted by the Kabbalah Center. An avid rock-climber and outdoor enthusiast, she has traveled and lived abroad and studied with many of the great masters, gleaning invaluable tools she uses to help empower others to enjoy the journey, bring balance and fun back into their lives, and reach for more. 


Jenny Zarak

"In spite of everything, I still believe people are truly good at heart.” – Anne Frank

Jenny Zarak earned her Master’s of Arts in Counseling from Boise State University and is a Licensed Professional Counselor working with all ages. Jenny has also taught middle school aged kids for 20 years which is one reason she finds working with youth invigorating and fun. Jenny also enjoys working with adults in helping them gain a better quality of life and interpersonal well-being.

Using a variety of techniques, Jenny finds herself being drawn to reality/choice therapy as she believes when we are given unfortunate circumstances in our lives, we have choices. Jenny feels with support and guidance, we can choose to view those circumstances as opportunities toward growth. Is everybody able to change and grow? Jenny believes so! Jenny specializes in:  Depression and Sadness;  Anxiety and Stress;  Relationship Concerns;  Self Esteem; and  Personal Growth.

Jenny has a strong drive and passion for being active and loves down-hill skiing most of all. Jenny’s view on life is a lot like learning to ski. You have to start on the bunny hill and develop the necessary skills to attempt the harder runs and overcome obstacles. Risks and choices are definitely involved on this journey, and sometimes you just have to fall down to become better and be able to hit those black diamond runs.

Jamie Weiszhaar

Jamie is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Nationally Certified Counselor.  She holds a Master of Science in Clinical Counseling from Northwest Nazarene University.

Sometimes our usual ways of working through issues stop being effective, or new problems come up that test our ability to cope with the changes. Jamie will provide a safe, caring, and non-judgmental environment while carefully listening to concerns and helping to work through difficult emotions. In collaboration with clients, she identifies what is causing difficulty, what changes are important, and new strategies and perspectives for managing and getting the change and growth desired. Regardless of the struggle, Jamie recognizes the uniqueness of every person and will use an approach that focuses on meeting each person’s individual needs.  

Jamie has experience working with adolescents, adults, and couples struggling with issues that include depression, anxiety and stress, grief and loss, life transitions, trauma, divorce, relationship concerns, self-esteem, and eating disorders. She has additional training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a research-based therapy that is applicable for a wide range of struggles resulting from overwhelming life experiences, and is particularly effective in the treatment of PTSD, trauma, and anxiety.