Rebecca Headshot

Author, Speaker, and  Empowerment Coach

REBECCA EVANS is a dynamic motivational speaker, author and empowerment coach.  She founded Inner Element as a way to combine her experiences as a woman in the military, mom and world class athlete into an organization that provides effective life breakthrough strategies. Her core philosophy, “fitness from the inside out”, resounds for men and women of all ages. As a frequent columnist, radio and TV show host, she shares her empowerment techniques with thousands of individuals weekly. Her accomplishments as a business woman have landed her as Idaho Business Review’s “Idaho Women of the Year” honors and Boise State University's “Women Making History in Idaho”. She is a former television host of Idaho Living, a previous Girls on the Run program director, Mrs. Idaho International 2004 and a decorated Gulf War veteran. As the author of The Art of Self Discovery, Inner Fitness for Empowerment, Inner Fitness for Celebrating Your Life, Inner Fitness for Sisters, Inner Fitness for Girls and Yes I Can!, she is able to share her methods without limit.  She lives in Idaho.

Writing from the Inside Out

She believed her opinions mattered enough to risk writing them down and allowing the world to see. Through the years, many publications have embraced her ideas, placing them in print and tossing them to their audiences with gusto. The Idaho Statesman, The Idaho Press Tribune, The Valley Times, Fitness Professionals, Treasure Valley Journal, Hedra News, The Stars and Stripes and even the US Postal System. Writing is documentation. Words, once written, are forever.

For over 20 years, Rebecca has shared, on average, four articles a month. She lives her life out loud. She speaks and writes from the inside out. Writing initially became her method to overcome and heal--a therapy of sorts--one she still uses today. Now Rebecca writes to give back and through her work, her programs and her workshops, she is sharing stories that make a difference!